Wideband Monopole Antenna for WLAN Applications

Abstract — This paper presents a circular patch antenna for
WLAN applications with wideband characteristics. It is shown
that the impedance of the antenna is matched over wideband by
using the partial ground plane and quarter wave transformer
with slotted TX-Line. Ansoft HFSS is used as a simulation tool to
map the numerical results for the return loss frequency behavior
of the antenna. A measure of bandwidth, return loss, and radiation
pattern are also reported with satisfactory performance. The patch is
circular so the substrate is kept in the same shape.
The shape of the substrate is also discussed in detail for specific
antenna designs.

IndexTerms—Wideband, Wireless, Microstrip, Substrate,

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Muhammad Umar, Nabeel Hayat Khan, Usman Ali
Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.