Test bench implementation of UMTS

Nowadays communication systems face several
different challenges to integrate and provide a wide variety of
services such as high-speed data rates and multimedia services.
This project has focused on the design and development of
UMTS (WCDMA physical layer) test bench implemented in

This project aims to design & implement the test
bench of UMTS of the physical layer of UMTS by using
specifications given in the release 99 and 5 of 3rd Generation
Partnership Project while improving the data rate and
lowering the bit error rate by using different techniques such
as TDD, FDD, CRC, and turbo codes. UMTS (WCDMA
physical layer) has been implemented in the MATLA B.

Keywords: Adaptive filters, Adaptive
algorithms, LMS, NLMS, RLS, ECG

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Muneer Ahmad
Department of Physics
Comsats Universty, Islamabad, Pakistan