Design of Direct-Drive Wind Energy System

Abstract – This work aims to discuss a novel
configuration of a wind Turbine Generator System (WTGS)
equipped with a Variable Speed Generator. Nowadays,
doubly-fed induction generators are being widely used on
WTGS, although synchronous generators are being
extensively utilized too. There are different types of
synchronous generators, but the multi-pole Permanent
Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) is selected for this
prototype. It offers better performance due to higher
efficiency and requires less maintenance since it does not
have rotor current and can be used without a gearbox, which
also implies a reduction of the weight of the nacelle and a
reduction of costs. The paper discusses a new method for the design
of Small-scale Wind Turbines. It uses Permanent Magnet
Synchronous Generator (PMSG) in a direct-driven topology.
PMSGs are preferable for Wind Energy Systems as per this
research, where input power is always fluctuating like wind
energy. A very unique configuration of Generator design has
been chosen amongst various configurations. This
configuration along with Vertical Axis and Direct Driven
topology makes the project wind turbine very efficient. This
simple prototype which costs less than 250 $ is capable of
reaching 6.7% of Betz’s limit.

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Jamal Hussain
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad – Pakistan