Light Fidelity: A Revolutionary Research Paradigm in the Field of Communication


Wireless internet and cellular mobile services are essential parts of our life infect modern world fully relies on wireless communication. Due to the increase of users all around the world and rapid developments in different wireless technologies, we may face a crisis in the future because continuous increases in demand for data transmission could not be full fill in the future keeping in mind the lack of radio frequency bandwidth. This paper aims to demonstrate that Li-Fi which is an emerging branch of optical wireless communication can provide us with a matured solution to this fundamental problem. Professor Harald Haas who is recognized worldwide as a creator of Li-Fi technology gives his concept of transmission of data with the help of illumination. This procedure consists of sending bundles of information through the visible light spectrum via an LED light bulb. Nowadays Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is most commonly used for Wireless indoor communication, which requires 2.4 – 5 GHz Radio Frequency to deliver wireless Internet access around our homes, schools, offices, and in public places. Li-Fi by using visible light as a transmission medium can provide us with faster, more efficient, and secure communication as compared to Wi-Fi with high capacity as its spectrum Bandwidth is much broader than the Frequency of Radio spectrum. This paper discusses all about Li-Fi, the importance of the visible light spectrum, the comparison of Li-Fi with Wi-Fi, Implementation of Li-Fi in Cellular and indoor communication Systems and summarizes some of the research conducted so far and looks at the different aspects of communication systems.

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