A new Approach to a Symmetric Key Cryptography

Aamir Sohail


Today data transmission is very important through different network. Need of Network security comes to secure data transformation from one network to another network. As the complexity of the systems and the networks are increasing, Weakness is also expanding and the task of securing the networks is becoming more convoluted. Duty of Securing is done by Cryptography techniques. A colossal amount of data is exchanged over public networks like the internet due to immense accommodation, and this includes personal details and confidential information. It is important to prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands.  So due to this factor we use cryptography. Encryption and decryption are the basic terms that used in cryptography. There are Few Algorithms that working for encryption and decryption is AES, DES, 3DES and BLOWFISH. The main contribution of the paper is to provide an algorithm that is useful for data transformation in cognitive radio network. In this paper we draw a new symmetric key technique that is for cryptography use which helped to make the data saved from others.


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